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  • Do Some Homework
    • Just as if you were planning on visiting your legislator in person, you need to know the basics about a piece of legislation you are going to address in your phone call. Be able to articulate what you are concerned about and why. You will probably have very little time to speak, so practice your message before you call.
  • Make the Call
    • Call the office and ask if you can speak to the legislator or the staff member that handles the issue you want to address.
  • A phone call is usually made to a legislator’s office when you want to quickly communicate with your legislator how you want them to vote on a specific piece of information or issue. Staff members keep a count of how many people called regarding a specific issue then report this information to the legislator at the end of each day.
  • Briefly tell the legislator or the staff member what issue you are calling about. Ask them to support or oppose the issue you are concerned about. Be as specific as you can and give them the number of the bill if there is one.
  • Follow-up
    • Send an email to whomever you spoke with thanking them for their time. Remind them why you called and what you are asking the legislator to do.
    • Provide your contact information so they can call you back if they have any further questions. 


Questions regarding Advocacy:
Jennifer Bergland
512 450 5448