TCEA Director of Professional Development takes us through the world of text-to-speech sites, tools, and add-ons in this meeting of the club.


Dr. Ellis: Learning on the Go with Podcastle AI

Bruce’s notes and links:

  • UDL Tech Toolkit ( This page has a extensive list of text-to-speech tools of varying ability for varying needs. Be sure to check out the other pages on this site for additional resources to support students.
  • Balabolka ( Software you can download to run on your PC computer. A portable version is available as well that can run on a USB stick.
  • Immersive Reader by Microsoft ( This is a phenomenal tool for students who can benefit from text-to-speech support. Refer to the chart on this page for various tools that have Immersive Reader embedded in them.
  • Speechify ( A wonderful online speech-to-text tool that also highlights words as it is read on the webpage. You are about to import any text (scanned book, PDF, download from Google Drive, etc.). Speechify is for mobile, desktop, and Chrome. Consider using the Chrome extension for convenience on your laptop or desktop.
  • Podcastle ( Easily create a podcast from any website with Podcastle. You can listen to the page read to you or you can have the page rendered as an mp3 for on the go listening. To make it even better, you can share a link to the audio for those who are on the go and those who are able to sit and listen.
  • SpeakIt ( Simple speech-to-text tool Chrome extension. Bare bone reader but dependable.
  • Read Aloud ( A basic text-to-speech tool for Chrome and Firefox. Be sure to view the options of the extension to adjust the voice, speed, and pitch. Read Aloud can read PDF, Google Docs, Google Play books, and Amazon Kindle.
  • How to Make Your Computer Read Documents to You ( Martin shares how you can enable the text-to-speech function of your computer.
  • Online Voice Recorder ( This tool is great when you need to record something on the fly but you don’t have an electronic version. This tool records your voice and allows you to save it as an mp3 file that you can then save to your computer and post/share as needed. Though no a text-to-speech tool, this is my last resort when I need an audio file but the above tools can’t help me.

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