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TCEA’s new empowerED program is a methodology and process by which districts and campuses can create purposeful and much-needed change in teaching and learning with the assistance of an organization based on the latest research and the effective use of technology.

What Does It Do?

The purpose of the empowerED program is to focus more on the mission of advancing teaching and learning through the use of technology. To affect change at the classroom level, we must work with district and school leaders to help them understand the need for change and how technology fits in with student learning.

Why Is It Needed?

We realize school districts, our members, and education professionals in general, are struggling to implement the many technology tools being provided to them. In addition, the structure in which we are providing these tools currently is not working for them either. Therefore, we are creating a new structure, the empowerED program, to revolutionize how TCEA is effecting classroom change.

Once enrolled, TCEA will work with district/campus leaders to assess the district’s ability to create change and tailor the program to work with where the district/campus currently is. We meet them where they are and then work with them through the course of the program as a go-to resource for any questions or problems.

“The TCEA empowerED program enables a district or campus to ensure that lasting, systemic change for the future is put into place as teachers learn research-proven strategies to accelerate student learning in the classroom. It is not a one-shot effort, but is instead a year-long focus on what really works and how technology can support student achievement. I am very excited about what the program provides to teachers and leaders.”

-Lori Gracey, Executive Director, TCEA

Program Research

The program will be based upon the Grant Lichtman’s graphical representation of the eight components needed for successful change in education. This will be the focus of the leadership professional development.

In addition, the program will also specifically address John Hattie’s top research-based strategies for accelerating learning in the classroom, both with and without the use of technology. It will also include the participants discussing how to foster the skills required for students to be successful in the future.

The Benefits

The premise is simple: Provide districts/campuses a multi-year, low-cost program that:

empowerED benefitsProvides a view of technology’s role in implementing long-lasting educational change
empowerED benefitsAssesses a district’s/campus’s status regarding change based on the eight steps for successful change and a blended model of technology and overall student learning
empowerED benefitsProvides an organization-backed professional development strategy to ensure administrator, educator, and student success upon program completion
empowerED benefitsWorks with leadership, including the CTO/Technology Director, to determine how best to implement a year-long, step-by-step program based on the assessment
empowerED benefitsRe-assesses a school district’s status regarding technology use/implementation and student learning after each completed year
empowerED benefitsAssist the district leadership in revising the district-wide improvement plan to make changes moving forward

Included Professional Development

  • Complimentary registration to the TCEA Convention & Exposition for the district superintendent or campus principal
  • District/Campus assessment of the implementation of the eight components for change
  • One day of onsite or local area professional learning for all involved district/campus leaders. Includes the need for change, the eight essential components for successful change, Hattie’s learning strategies, discussion of the results of assessment/next steps
  • One day of onsite or local area educator professional learning on the need for change, powerful teaching strategies, and how technology fits in with them
  • One year of TCEA membership for participating educators within the district/campus. The membership will provide professional development, tools, resources, and networking opportunities to continue the learning
  • Access to a cohort group of participating districts/campuses in the TCEA Community
  • Regularly scheduled opportunities for cohort leaders to meet online and discuss issues, concerns, and solutions
  • Regularly scheduled opportunities for participating educators to meet online and discuss issues, concerns, and solutions
  • Access to a library of pre-recorded webinars on best practices in technology use for learning
  • Resources to support change and the use of the strategy being studied
  • 20% discount on all TCEA events and additional professional development, including the TCEA annual convention and certifications, for participating educators
  • Complimentary registration for 10 individuals per enrolled campus/district for the TCEA Innovative Learning Strategies Conference, September 26, 2020 in Austin. (Travel and accommodations at the expense of Campus/District)

Program Costs

School districts/campuses must enroll a minimum of 75% of the educational staff in their location in the program. This is to ensure that change is not happening in isolation and that a strong onsite support network is in place. A flat fee per participating educator will be assessed each year based on the following:

Note: Additional days of professional development can be provided for $1,800 per day (less 20% discount).
If you need more information or answers to your questions, please contact the Director of Membership and Engagement Robert Bennett. Enrollment begins April 1.

If you need more information or answers to your questions, please contact the Director of Membership and Engagement Robert Bennett. If you are ready to be empowerED, sign up below.

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