Why Present at TCEA’s Librarian Conference?

Have you ever been at a conference where you’ve:

+  Found a game-changing resource

+  Been inspired to try something new

+  Broadened your perspective

+  Discovered a new tool or strategy

+  Explored how to use a tool differently

+  Connected with a speaker

+  Thought, “I can do that!”

+  Seen your job with fresh, new eyes

+  Felt reinvigorated, had a boost in hope,

or been recharged?

Do you remember what that felt like?

Chances are, you do. Well, now it’s your turn do be that inspiration and vital resource for other librarians. You’re a game changer. An inspirer. You can broaden perspectives by sharing yours. You’re a strategy provider. An encouragement spreader.

You’re a library champion and a champion for libraries, and you can give a librarian that boost of hope, energy, and learning they need. What will you present?