TCEA Champions

Champion Your Membership

As a TCEA member, you know how beneficial your membership is. From networking with other professionals in our TCEA Community to professional development and free webinars, TCEA is the premier association for advancing technology in education and helping you to innovate teaching and learning.

As a TCEA Champion, you will help spread the word about the benefits of membership in our association by talking to individuals that you believe could truly benefit from membership with TCEA. To assist you in this endeavor, we have put together a TCEA Champion Guide for your use.

Use recruitment tools to become a TCEA Champion today!

Now it’s time for you to spread the word to your colleagues about what TCEA can offer them.

Champion Benefits

To thank you for your efforts:

Access recruitment tools to tell colleagues about TCEA.
For the first 3 new, paying members you recruit, we will send you a $10 electronic gift card of your choice.

*Membership must be purchased, complimentary memberships do not qualify.

Receive 2 hour webinars for recruitment
For the first 5 new, paying members you recruit, we will send you a $50 electronic gift card of your choice.
TCEA Staff will surprise you with a very unique gift upon successful recruitment of 10 paying members.
For the first 10 new, paying members you recruit, we will send you a $200 electronic gift card of your choice.

Recruitment Tips

Identify the best prospects for recruitment to TCEA.

Identify the best prospects.

Review your network of colleagues, starting with those in your school and area, and identify those who could benefit from membership with TCEA. We offer tremendous value to classroom teachers, librarians, administrators, curriculum specialists, and technology staff.

Know the benefits of membership.

TCEA provides a priceless amount of resources and information. Share with prospective members why you joined, what benefits you have found most beneficial, and what your membership has helped you accomplish. Hearing your personal story will help influence their decision.

Recruitment is easy when you know the benefits of membership.
Keeping membership materials on hand makes recruitment easy and successful.

Keep membership materials on-hand.

Always have TCEA membership information in your office, classroom, car, or when you’re attending a professional event. If you need more, contact Chance McKee, your Director of Membership.

Have a plan of action.

Walk them through the membership form. Direct them to and assist them with the renewal. Make sure they put your name down in the Referred By section so you receive credit!

Have a plan of action for recruitment.
Follow up with your membership recruitment prospects

Follow up.

Touch base with them after two weeks. Ask them how they are enjoying their membership with TCEA. If they haven’t already joined, this serves as a reminder. If they have, you can welcome them to the association and make recommendations on what benefits to start exploring.