Press Release

TCEA Announces 2019–2020 Board of Directors

by Andrew Roush | Apr 22, 2019 | Press Release


Austin, Texas: TCEA is pleased to announce the members of its Board of Directors for 2019–2020. The board comprises 27 professional educators who steer TCEA in accordance with the requirements of the organization’s members and the day-to-day realities that educators face. These volunteer leaders are active advocates for technology, contributing their time and expertise to ensure members have the support they need to be successful.

TCEA Board of Directors, 2019–2020

Name Position Term
Holli Horton President 2019–2020
Luann Hughes Vice President 2019–2020
Dr. Roland Rios Past President 2019–2020
Charlotte Dolat Convention Chair 2019–2020
Dr. Brian Brown Convention Chair-Elect 2019–2020
Randy Rogers Members Services Chair 2019–2020
Brian Grenier Finance and Records Chair 2019–2020
Dr. Patricia C. Abrego Area 1 2017–2020
Rachel Medrano Area 2 2019­–2022
David Luna Area 3 2017–2020
Tonia Meadows Area 4 2019­–2022
Joy Schwartz Area 5 2017–2020
Dr. Ronnie Gonzalez Area 6 2018–2021
Brad Stewart Area 7 2018–2020
John Bimmerle Area 8 2019–2022
Don Sewell Area 9 2017–2020
Mindi Vandagriff Area 10 2019–2022
Elaine Plybon Area 11 2019–2020
Kari Espin Area 12 2019-2022
Cori Coburn-Shiflett Area 13 2018-2021
Mike Neal Area 14 2018–2021
Laura Howard Area 15 2018–2021
Tammy McLain Area 16 2019–2022
Bill Landis Area 17 2017–2020
Mark Patrick Area 18 2018­–2021
John Roach Area 19 2018­–2021
Caleb Hudgens Area 20 2018­–2021

“Our board is crucial to understanding and implementing the programs and resources that our members rely on,” says TCEA Executive Director Lori Gracey. “We’re excited to work closely with returning board members, whose experience provides valuable insights, as well as our new members, who bring a fresh perspectives and energy.”

Membership is divided into areas that correspond to the 20 Education Service Centers in Texas. The full board is made up of one representative from each of the 20 areas and seven directors elected to the executive committee.

TCEA ( is a nonprofit, member-based organization that has supported the use of technology in education since 1980. Our primary focus is on integrating technology into the PreK–16 environment and providing our members with cutting-edge knowledge and resources through conferences, workshops, online and print publications, and collaborations with higher education and business.