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TCEA’s 2018 State Robotics Contest Winners Announced

by Susan Meyer | Apr 16, 2018 | Press Release

TCEA’s 2018 State Robotics Contest Winners Announced

Austin, Texas: In an incredible display of engineering thinking and problem-solving, nearly 800 students in grades 4-12 competed in TCEA’s 2018 State Robotics Contest at Hutto High School on Saturday, April 7, 2018. Teams and their robots participated in either the Arena contest, where they had to work through a prescribed problem, or the Inventions contest, where they invented a robot creation to solve the problem of their choosing. After verifying the results, the top five teams in each category have been announced.

Intermediate Arena
San Angelo ISD . The Green Beans
Edinburg CISD . TigerBots
Mission CISD . Midkiff Mavbots 1
Carroll ISD . Digital Dragons 2

Advanced Arena
Wall ISD . Still Winging It From Last Year
Spring Hill ISD . Lizard farm
Fort Sam Houston ISD . Plastic Gear
Martins Mill ISD . Sporting Goods
Sulphur Springs ISD . U4IA

Intermediate Inventions
Cypress Community Robotics . AMPS Robotics
Sundown ISD . DDR
Brady ISD . Flame Bot
Harts Bluff ISD . The Injectors
Kelton Steam Academy . Phoenix Corporation

Advanced Inventions
Edinburg CISD . The Dream Teens
Wall ISD . KAS Technologies
Jacksboro ISD . Baseboard Battalion, Inc.
Hamshire-Fannett ISD . MICC
Sundown ISD . S.A.S.

“I was amazed yet again this year at the unending creativity and dedication of all of the teams competing,” said TCEA Executive Director Lori Gracey. “Through robotics, these students are having fun while demonstrating their ability to collaborate, think critically, and solve complex problems.”

Each year, as part of the TCEA Robotics Contest, students work together to design, build, and test their robots. In the process, they develop important higher-order thinking skills and hone their creativity, imagination, curiosity, and sense of innovation. Robotics allows students to take an active role in their own learning and be fully engaged in STEM concepts.

TCEA conducts trainings in robotics for schools who want to start or advance their robotics programs. Find out more about upcoming workshops at Learn more about TCEA’s robotics contests at or contact Katie Treat ([email protected]) for more information. On Twitter, use hashtags #tcea#robotics to find photos, videos, and posts from this year’s event.

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