App Lists

Your Go-To Educational Apps

There are millions of apps, and more emerge each day. Thousands of these are educational apps. So, how do you determine which ones are game-changing and which ones to skip?

TCEA helps educators find the best apps for their students and their curriculum. Our professional development team tests and reviews apps, sharing recommendations in curated lists that are helpfully categorized by subject and purpose, so you can find exactly what you need.

We think these are some of the most useful tools educators have, and we believe they meet basic privacy requirements. However, your privacy standards may vary, and app developers can, and do, change their privacy policies. TCEA does not vet these apps for compliance with specific privacy or security standards. We encourage you to always do as much research as you need to ensure an app is the right choice for you, your classroom, school, or district. Not all apps may meet your standards of information security and privacy.