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Every year a new challenge manual is posted for the Arena robotics competition. This manual explains the competition background, general robot rules, game description, game pieces, and game-specific rules. Sometimes there is a special twist for the state championship, so it is crucial to read the Arena robotics challenge manual from beginning to end, multiple times.

For the 2021-2022 Arena challenge, we’ve made quite a few changes. Our goal was to reenergize the challenge and mix up the contest. We hope these changes will offer more challenges and learning opportunities for your students.

Arena teams build a robot using one LEGO Spike Prime, EV3, NXT, RCX or VEX IQ, motors and sensors, and other elements. Teams are allowed a total retail value of $5 to incorporate non-electrical, non-LEGO parts on their robots to enhance functionality or for decoration. Note this important disclaimer: No LEGOs or VEX pieces can be harmed for competition. Do not melt, deform, cut, bend, glue, or solder for any reason.

Arena teams participate in three two-minute rounds. A team’s robot must perform specific tasks on the challenge field. Points, penalties, and bonus awards are calculated at the end of each round. Task goals may differ between Intermediate and Advanced divisions.

Arena Problem

The Arena contest is a prescribed problem contest. Teams of two (2) to four (4) students receive a set of challenge rules and specifications designed around a theme that varies from year to year. The year’s challenge theme will be announced this fall.

This year’s Arena Contest problem writer is Darren Wilson, Makerspace Manager at The LIFT of ATEMS High School in Abilene ISD. He’s also workd for the ACU Maker Lab, Guthrie ISD, and Irving ISD.

2021-2022 Arena Resources

Arena Manual

Arena Challenge Logo

2021-2022 Score Sheets


Advanced Score Sheet

Intermediate Score Sheet

STATE Intermediate Score Sheet


STATE Advanced Score Sheet

2021-2022 Videos

Game Video Instructions

2019-2020 Challenge Materials

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