TCEA Robotics

Inventions Contest


Each Inventions team follows the engineering design process to create a robot that solves a real world problem. This contest has a one-page description, one page of rules, and one rubric. Teams keep a detailed logbook and prepare a six-minute presentation for the judges. Students showcase their research, robot performance, robot design, marketing strategies, and presentation skills for the judges at the TCEA Inventions Contest. A robotics kit is not the only allowed building material for this contest… wood, metal, plastic, PVC pipe, dirt, and frying pans have been utilized in the past. Let your students imagine, test, and construct as needed.

About the Inventions Contest

The Inventions contest is an open-ended contest. Teams of two (2) to four (4) students will create a robotic invention that solves a problem of their choice. Invention Contest teams will showcase their research, robot performance, robot design, marketing, and presentation skills for judges at TCEA Robotics Contests. Student teams will approach their problem as real engineers would, working together to solve their problem using the Engineering Design Process.

TCEA robotics inventions contest