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Members who want to become even more involved in technology education and network with other educators in similar positions can join one or more of the following eight SIGs.



CAMP-SIG (Campus Technology Specialists Group)
provides assistance and networking opportunities for campus instructional technologists. Members include instructional technologists, campus technology coordinators, district or campus technology trainers, and technology specialists.



GEO-SIG (Geospatial Technologies Special Interest Group)
has been formed to help educators embrace technologies that leverage spatial based information. Some examples include GPS, geocaching, spatial photography, geoRSS feeds, GIS, virtual globes and remote sensing. Members network, share ideas, advertise professional in-service opportunities and support development in spatial based curricula.


LIB-SIG (Library Special Interest Group)
is dedicated to help librarians increase their technology skills and to integrate those skills into the learning environment.


ROBO-SIG (Robotics Special Interest Group)

The Robo-SIG’s mission is to: become a network hub for educators involved in robotics; advocate for robotics as a classroom tool to teach AND engage students in STEM; assist members in acquiring classroom robotics pedagogy and knowledge base; prepare sponsors for the challenges of student competition.


SOS-SIG (Strategic Open Source Special Interest Group)
mission is to build and activate a community of educators who promote and support opportunities for technological advancement and a broader educational foundation that Open Source software solutions bring to K-16 education.



TA/CS-SIG (Tech-Apps/Computer Science Special Interest Group)  provides a forum to promote and support technology applications, computer science, and information technology educators and curriculum across the state of Texas.


TEC-SIG (Technology Coordinators Special Interest Group)
is the largest SIG and was established in 1989 for the purpose of providing a means of communication between technology coordinators, instructional technology leaders,
and other administrators throughout the state.



VL-SIG (Virtual Learning Special Interest Group)
The Virtual Learning SIG is dedicated to supporting collaboration and communication among virtual learning coordinators, online course instructors, and online curriculum developers. It also promotes and advocates for virtual learning to support the 21st century learning environment.




Questions regarding membership:
Angelina Zulas
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Chance McKee
512 450 5442

Listserv questions
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