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Since 1980, TCEA has supported educators. We’ve provided resources and strategies to help integrate technology in K-16 education and create opportunities for learning without limits. We can give you the tools you need to reach your goals. Enjoy a year of membership packed with networking, professional development, and career-enhancing opportunities at one of three membership levels:

  • Regular Membership: $49
  • Retired Educator Membership: $30
  • Student Membership: Free


TCEA members get access to exclusive webinars to help sharpen educators skills.

Access to Exclusive Webinars

TCEA’s incredibly knowledgeable professional development staff hosts 35 Lunch and Learn webinars each year, so you can sharpen your skills and fill your toolbox with fresh ideas right on your lunch break. While live attendance lets you ask questions right from the experts in real time, you can also access the recorded webinars online in the TCEA Community for convenient, anytime learning. Attending webinars and access to the full archives are free with your membership.


TechEdge contains innovative ideas and how to implement them in your school, classroom, or library. While the magazine is no longer in production, the digital archives of all past issues are available in the TCEA Community.

Get exciting ed tech stories from real educators sent right to your mailbox.

Offering our members a little peace of mind.

TCEA partners with like-minded associations to provide additional benefits and resources* to our members.

The Association of Texas Professional Educators (ATPE) is Texas’ largest community of public school educators. When you join ATPE, you’ll have access to a wealth of benefits ranging from legal resources** to advocacy in Austin and D.C. that no Texas educator should go without.

Educators deserve support and peace of mind. Join today at

*TCEA members must join ATPE through a separate membership application process to access ATPE benefits.

**Eligibility, terms, conditions, and limitations apply. Visit to view important disclosures and complete details of the insurance policy. Staff attorney services are provided separate from the Educators Professional Liability Insurance Program.

Yes! TCEA is for Administrators, too.

Maximize the benefits of your technology investment with TCEA membership and professional development for your staff. Whether your school or district is embarking on a large-scale implementation or just testing the tech waters, your team needs to feel supported and empowered to innovate and explore new approaches to teaching and learning.

TCEA is an association of educators, just like you, who’ve been using technology in schools since 1980. You and your team can learn and share with colleagues who face the same real world challenges, find information and resources to effectively enhance the curriculum, and keep up-to-date with new tools and trends in education technology.

Group memberships and specialized onsite training are both available for campuses and districts committed to supporting their staff’s understanding and mastery of technology.

“I would not be able to do my job without all this tremendous support from TCEA! You get a great deal for just $49 a year!”

-Twyla Felty

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