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  • Access to the TCEA Community with more than 80,000 engaged educators and ed tech enthusiasts.
  • Free 30-minute weekly webinars will offer you strategies, research, tools, and resources.
  • Access a Resource Library with more than 140 recorded videos full of impactful information.
  • Important updates on the Texas Legislature and public education.
  • Exclusive opportunities and resources from TCEA partners.

About TCEA’s Members

TCEA is made up of members from all around the world, representing a plethora of roles in education, with varying experience, training, and expertise. No matter the need, there’s always a member ready to share a solution, resource, answer, tool, or new perspective with you.

How does this kind of professional learning network benefit you?

Well, we’ve got a lot to learn from each other. And the strand that binds us is our passion for equitable, engaging, and meaningful education for all learners.