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Modules: 5
CPE Credit Hours: 12

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  • TCEA certificate sent via email upon course completion

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ChatGPT for Educators

Embark on an enlightening adventure with our “ChatGPT for Educators” course, a treasure trove for teachers eager to harness the capabilities of ChatGPT AI. This self-paced online course is a beacon for those seeking to enrich their teaching methods, offering a blend of foundational knowledge and advanced techniques. As you delve into the world of ChatGPT, you’ll evolve into a skilled prompt engineer, adept at crafting prompts that revolutionize lesson planning, rubric creation, and assessments. The course is a wellspring of time-saving strategies, empowering you to leverage mega prompts for educational efficiency.

The course landscape has blossomed with new modules, each a stepping stone to mastery. Engage in vibrant discussions on book reviews, unleash your creativity with greeting card design, and elevate your school’s public relations with tailored AI strategies. Analyze data with precision using ChatGPT Plus, customize your own AI, and compare the latest AI models, including the newly unveiled Claude 3. With additional modules covering mobile usage, Markdown conversions, and AI-assisted travel planning, your educational toolkit will expand in ways you never imagined. The course now also features an insightful report on AI tool usage among teachers, ensuring you’re informed and ready to lead in the digital age of education.

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Self-Paced, Online Course

ChatGPT for Educators is a self-paced, online program. Participants can begin anytime and go at their own speed throughout the program.

Upon enrollment, you will receive a program invitation email from TCEA’s learning management system that will give you access to the self-paced course. Within the course, you will find modules that must be moved through in sequential order. The modules can be found below.