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Technology / IT Director Certification

Required Courses: 41 hours
Final Projec:t 8 hours

Member Cost: $1025
Non-Member Cost: $1074

The purpose of the TCEA Technology/IT Director certification program is to provide a venue for educators who wish to become, or already are, district-level technology or IT directors. The emphasis will be on developing strategic leadership skills, as well as the ability to provide effective and engaging educational technology experiences for both staff and students. Participants who successfully complete the certification requirements will be fully prepared to serve as a technology director or IT director in any school system, possessing the knowledge and skills to lead a district toward innovative, 21st century technology use and educational achievement. Includes one year membership to Technology Coordinators Special Interest Group (TEC-SIG).

Coursework includes sessions such as Building a Technology Vision and Plan, PLN for IT/Tech Directors, Creating a New Vision for Public Education in Texas, and/or Social Media in Schools.

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