Courses and Certifications

Cost: $29

Modules: 5

CPE Credit Hours: 12

Enrollment includes:

  • Free, one-year TCEA membership for each participant ($49 value)
  • TCEA digital badge
  • TCEA certificate sent via email upon course completion

If you have any questions or need further information about registration or course content, please fill out this short form. 

Google Educator Level 2

The purpose of this program is to assist educators in earning their Google Educator Level 2 certification. Participants who successfully complete the certification requirements will earn the TCEA Google Educator Level 2 Certification. They will also be prepared to pursue the Google Educator Level 2 Certification (certification exam cost not included).

Why Learn with TCEA?

  • Our courses are streamlined for efficient and lasting learning.
  • We include training simulations that replicate the scenarios you will experience on the exam.
  • We also offer ideas and techniques based on years of experience in professional development, integrating educator feedback to always meet the needs of course participants.

Self-Paced Online Course

The Google Educator Level 2 Certification is a self-paced, online program. Participants can begin anytime and go at their own speed throughout the program.

Upon enrollment, you will receive a program invitation email from TCEA’s learning management system (Instructure’s Canvas) that will give you access to the self-paced course. Within the course, you will find modules that must be moved through in sequential order. The modules can be found below.

Upon successful completion of all modules, you will receive TCEA’s custom digital badge and certificate. At that point, you may choose to pursue the Google Educator Level 2 Certification. Instructions are provided in the course as to how to proceed.

Course Modules

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you have to pay Google for the Google Educator Level 1 exam through them?
Yes, you will need to pay either a $10 (Level 1) or $25 (Level 2) fee to complete the exam through Google. The cost of the exam is NOT included in the TCEA online course price. You are responsible for purchasing the exam, or working with your school district/organization to obtain necessary vouchers. Please be aware that Google is transitioning from Kryterion test platform to ProctorU. TCEA recommends you work through Kryterion due to problems other test-takers are experiencing at this time with Proctor U.

2. Do the TCEA Google Educator courses certify me through Google?
When you complete the self-paced courses, you earn a TCEA Digital Badge and Certificate for Google Educator Level 1 or 2. You also get 12 CPE hours per course (e.g. two-course bundles earn 24 CPE credits, four courses earn you 48 CPE credits). For some district professional development programs, this may be sufficient and avoid the additional cost of getting Google Educator Level certified. To earn Google’s Educator certification, you will need to take their exams. TCEA’s courses are designed to prepare you for the exams so you will do well on your first try.

3. How are TCEA’s courses different from the no-cost Google programs?
TCEA’s Google Certified Trainers and Innovator have recorded videos that provide you with the opportunity to prepare and successfully complete the Google Educator Level 1/2 exams. These videos have been field-tested and used often with others, so we know that for the majority of people, they work.

4. When does the Google Educator certification I earned expire?
Google Educator certifications last for three years. Please note that the Educator Level 1 and 2 exams must be successfully completed before applying for Google Certified Trainer (GCT).

5. What about Level 2 certification?
If you have not yet earned a Google Educator Level 2 certification, this is an excellent time to do so. You can sign up for the TCEA Certification course ($29) for Google Educator Level 2, complete it in 12-18 hours, then take the exam at a cost of $25 (paid to Google, not TCEA).

6. How long does it take to get my digital badge and certificate from TCEA?
Upon finishing the final module of the course, you will be asked to submit a form indicating completion. At that point, you can get your digital badge. Upon submitting the form, you will get your certificate emailed to you within fifteen to thirty minutes.

7. How long does it take Google to send my digital credentials after I pass the exam?
Depending on which testing platform you take the exam on, it can take anywhere between an hour to seven days. If testing on the Kryterion platform, you will get your Level 1 results instantaneously via an email. If Level 2, it can take a day or two for your results to be emailed, however, you will find evidence of success in the WebAssessor page. If ProctorU, results take approximately seven days via email.

8. Are bulk registration discounts available?
Yes, bulk registration discounts are available. The discount is $10/discount per bundle for 10 or more registrants. Contact Lori Gracey via email at [email protected].

This class was super helpful. I especially liked following along on the capacity matrix and taking notes as each section was covered in the videos and activities. It allowed me to see before starting a section what my weaknesses were so I could pay especially close attention to them and get up to speed on the skills I was lacking in.
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