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Effective Math: K-2

The purpose of this course is to introduce digital tools in the context of effective math practices for K-2 learners. You will learn how to use digital tools like virtual manipulatives, Flipgrid, Seesaw, and Google Slides in the context of a K-2 math classroom. Each module is illustrated with specific problems that are presented with solutions you can adapt in your classroom.

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Self-Paced Online Course

Effective Math: K-2 is a self-paced, online program. Participants can begin anytime and go at their own speed throughout the program.

Upon enrollment, you will receive a program invitation email from TCEA’s learning management system (Instructure’s Canvas) that will give you access to the self-paced course. Within the course, you will find modules that must be moved through in sequential order. The modules can be found below.

Certification Modules

Module Title Description
Module 1 Develop Number Sense and Fact Fluency How can you guide students in developing strong number sense? How can you support students in building their understanding of basic addition and subtraction facts? In this module, you will explore strategies to build students' fluency with basic math facts.
Module 2 Build Conceptual Understanding How can you guide students to develop a deep understanding of a concept? How can you support students to make sense of procedures and understand why they work? In this module, you will engage in using virtual manipulatives to help build conceptual understanding.
Module 3 Encourage Mathematical Discourse How can you facilitate meaningful mathematical discourse and help students share their understandings with each other? What are the components of grade-level appropriate accountable math talk? In this module, you will explore strategies to support the development and use of students’ mathematics language during discussions in the math classroom.
Module 4 Implement Workstations What is the purpose of workstations in the mathematics classroom? How do workstations help students gain a deep understanding of mathematics concepts? In this module, you will examine how workstation implementation encourages student reasoning, thinking, and learning.
Module 5 Cultivate a Positive Math Disposition How can you support the development of students’ positive disposition and confidence towards mathematics? What are some ways to have students identify themselves as mathematicians? In this module, you will explore ideas to encourage students to develop a long-lasting positive disposition towards mathematics.
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