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Makerspaces provide a place for students to explore questions, bounce ideas off one another, build something together, fail and try again all in a safe, creative environment.

TCEA offers multiple maker trainings and events throughout the year, plus a comprehensive TCEA Makers eBook, to help you achieve maker success.

TCEA Makers Workshops

There’s a reason classrooms and libraries across the country are embracing the maker movement. This hands-on learning experience helps educators to engage students and empower them to make their own creations. While making, students are also developing critical thinking and problem solving skills. Whether you have an abundance of resources and tech or have none at all, you too can offer engaging learning activities and create a meaningful makerspace. After a fun time of learning and making, you’ll leave ready to create your own makerspace. All supplies are provided; you only need to bring your creativity and curiosity.

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makerspaces eBook

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It’s packed with fantastic resources and information including:

  • Background on the goals and benefits of making and how to maximize student creativity and engagement.
  • Great tips and ideas for curating a meaningful makerspace even if you don’t have a lot of resources, storage space, or access to tech.
  • Printable cards for creating activities in 11 different maker stations.

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