These are the tools you are looking for.

We have gathered our favorite Remote Learning tools below that are chock full of ideas for digital learning and teaching remotely. Explore these links and let us know which ones you like the best.

Resources from TCEA

Remote Learning Tools for Schools

Whether it’s extremely bad weather or the COVID-19 virus, remote learning may sometimes be necessary. Here is a comprehensive blog article with some tools to help.

COVID- 19 Resources for Remote Learning

This Google Doc is a curated list of resources we’ve found to assist you with your remote learning initiatives.

Resources We Like

Six Minutes – Best Robot Ever

Who is Holiday? Where did she come from and how did she end up floating in the icy waters off the coast of Alaska with no memory? Are her mom and dad really who they say they are? Why is she developing those incredible abilities? And what’s the deal with that cool hoverboard? The mystery unfolds in six-minute episodes, twice a week all year long.

Kids Resources and Activities

This Google Sheet has a ton of links for activities for both kids and parents. The activities are arranged by subject.

You Are Not Alone

A variety of resources for remote teaching.

Social Science Archives and Tools

A Google Sheet with a broad amount of digital archives, organization, and teaching tools.

Remote Learning with Flipgrid

A Google Sheet with a broad amount of digital archives, organization, and teaching tools.

Google Meet Guide

Seven slides on Google Meet including: 1. How to Start a Meet, 2. Setting Options 3. Recommendations 4. Tips Created by GTC, Blanca Duarte

Nate’s Acts of Kindness Kahoot

An eleven question Kahoot Game highlighting amazing stories of kindness during this time. This is a wonderful reminder for adults and older students.

Digital Breakouts for Home by Subject and Grade

A collection of digital games that students can play at home.