July 25, 2024 • Online

Make AI your partner in progress.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is here to stay. And, it can be a powerful partner in pedagogy, productivity, personalized learning, and progress. But with all the AI out there, how can we determine which tools to trust and how to best leverage them to meet individual, student, team, and school needs?

At the AI for Educators Conference, you’ll get equipped with the knowledge to take AI by the reigns, harnessing its capabilities to make your workload a little lighter, learning a lot deeper, and your impact even greater.

Why educators say you should attend…

After its flagship year in 2023, the AI for Edu Conference received rave reviews. Educators in every possible role described immersing themselves in multiple perspectives on AI, exploring an array of AI tools, gathering up many ideas for classroom use, and discovering how AI can lighten their workload.

The Format and Schedule:

The AI for Educators Conference brings together educators from around the world! Connect, ask questions, and share perspectives in the live chat, event app, and on social media. The virtual setting makes it possible to join from any location, and the July date is perfectly timed for resource, idea, and tool collection to implement in the upcoming school year.

The Sessions, and Learning:

It’s straightforward, practical, and beneficial learning you can use. Curated with educators in mind, this conference zeroes in on the impactful use of AI for educators, administrators, and students. Learn how to boost productivity, student engagement, critical thinking, communication, and more— with AI. Stay “in the know” about the latest and greatest AI tools, earning CPE credits while you’re at it!

The Resources and Extended Access:

Access all conference content for an entire month after the conference, ensuring you can absorb information at your own pace and convenience. With sessions packed with valuable tools and insights from enthusiastic experts, the AI for Educators Conference is designed to be accessible, impactful, and affordable, making it a prime opportunity for educators to enhance their professional growth.