Special Interest Groups

Technology Coordinators Special Interest Group provides communication between technology coordinators, instructional technology leaders, and other administrators throughout the state.

Equity and Inclusion Special Interest Group

TCEA’s  Equity and Inclusion Special Interest Group (EI-SIG)  provides community and support for marginalized educators, as well as support and resources for our allies. The SIG has a special group in the community to share and curate resources and information to promote inclusion, as well as networking opportunities and space to learn about and celebrate the differences that make us better together.

TCEA’s Equity and Inclusion Special Interest Group (EI-SIG) is currently being organized. Officer elections and bylaws are currently being determined and created. To be a part of this process, join today. To learn more about EI-SIG, please contact us at [email protected].

Stay up-to-date, communicate with other EI-SIG members, and more, for only $20 per year.


The purpose of the EI-SIG shall be consistent with those purposes outlined in the TCEA Bylaws, which are:

  1. To encourage an active interest in the innovative and evolving use of technology tools and resources in elementary, secondary, and higher education throughout the state of Texas.
  2. To provide an opportunity to keep abreast of trends in technology education.
  3. To provide and improve pre-service and inservice in technology education.
  4. To provide professional cooperation and communication among educators toward the appropriate use of technology tools and resources.
  5. To serve as a liaison among organizations and other interests involved in the use of the technology tools and resources in education.
  6. To provide personal and professional services to members.


Members of EI-SIG are added to the SIG’s group inside of the TCEA Community after payment for their SIG membership is processed. Please allow at least 24 hours to be added to the EI-SIG group. You will remain a part of the group until either your TCEA membership or your SIG dues expires. If you have any questions regarding the Community, please contact [email protected]


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