Join the Library Special Interest Group to Help Increase Technology Skills

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The Library Special Interest Group purpose is to help librarians increase their technology skills and integrate them into the learning environment.

Library Special Interest Group

The purpose of our Library SIG is to help librarians increase their technology skills and to integrate those skills into the learning environment.

Stay up-to-date, communicate with other LIB-SIG members, and more, for as little as $10 per year.


  • Provide information
  • Increase communication
  • Provide resources
  • Award outstanding librarians
  • Network with other professionals


Members of LIB-SIG are added to the SIG’s group inside of the TCEA Community after payment for their SIG membership is processed. Please allow at least 24 hours to be added to the LIB-SIG group. You will remain a part of the group until either your TCEA membership or your SIG dues expire. If you have any questions regarding the Community, please contact [email protected]


Kristi Starr

Vice President
Nancy Jo Lambert

Brandi Rosales

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