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Technology Coordinators Special Interest Group provides communication between technology coordinators, instructional technology leaders, and other administrators throughout the state.

Technology Coordinators Special Interest Group

TEC-SIG (Technology Coordinators Special Interest Group) provides a means of communication between CTOs, technology directors, instructional technology leaders, and other administrators who focus on digital learning. The organization furnishes its members with up-to-date information on legislation, best practices, grants, the latest trends, and TEC-SIG activities. Members share their own technology-related experiences at two yearly meetings in an effort to educate and inform each other on what is happening in the field of educational technology.

Our SIGs will be evolving and growing into a new format to better serve our members. More information will be available in March. Contact Robert Bennett for any questions.

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  • To encourage an active interest in technology in PreK-16 education throughout the state of Texas.
  • To provide an opportunity to study and keep abreast of any new trends in technology.
  • To improve teacher training programs in Texas in the area of technology.
  • To promote professional cooperation and communication between educator/staff and administrators toward realizations of sound educational achievements.
  • To provide a liaison with other organizations involved in the use of technology as an educational tool.


Members of TEC-SIG are added to the SIG’s group inside of the TCEA Community after payment for their SIG membership is processed. Please allow at least 24 hours to be added to the TEC-SIG group. You will remain a part of the group until either your TCEA membership or your SIG dues expires. If you have any questions regarding the Community, please contact [email protected]


Wacey Tobler

Vice-President/President Elect
Brad Stewart

Jeanine Wilson

Media Officer
Brenda McDonald

Mark Simmons