Important TCEA Robotics Announcement
by Emily Horn
May 23, 2022

Austin, Texas: At TCEA, it has always been our goal to support educators. And since the COVID-19 pandemic, which is a phrase that everyone is ready to no longer hear, we acknowledge that teaching– and education– have changed drastically and quickly. More has been placed on the shoulders of educators, and the needs of educators have changed. Not only that, student learning has been impacted. That said, TCEA has been adapting, adjusting, and rethinking what we do in order to best realize our vision of “Learning without Limits” through our mission of “advancing teaching and learning through the use of technology.”

After much thought and debate, TCEA and the TCEA Board of Directors have decided to discontinue the TCEA State Robotics Contest moving forward. Additionally, TCEA will no longer require area directors to provide a TCEA area robotics contest; however, TCEA area directors may offer area robotics contests if they choose. TCEA will support registration and sell robotics mats should an area continue with its area robotics contest. Areas can use previous contest manuals for future contests, or they may choose to create their own. TCEA will continue to provide professional learning and support for educators in robotics through online courses, Robotics Summer Camp, and other events.

This was not an easy decision. Robotics has been a big part of our association for many years. But while we understand that this news may come as a surprise and/or cause disappointment, we have had to acknowledge how the past few years have affected education and impacted student learning. With that in mind, this decision will allow us to support educators in new ways in order to maximize student learning in classrooms around Texas and beyond.

If you have any questions about robotics, please reach out to your TCEA area director who can best address the specifics of TCEA robotics in your area.


Dr. Ronnie Gonzalez, TCEA President

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