TCEA’s 2021-2022 State Robotics Contest Winners Announced
by Emily Horn
May 13, 2022

Hutto, Texas: Hundreds of students from across the state participated in the 2021- 2022 State Robotics Contest at Hutto High School on April 23, 2022. Participants in TCEA robotics contests compete in teams of two to four, organized into four categories: Advanced Arena, Intermediate ArenaAdvanced Inventions, and Intermediate Inventions.

Advanced and Intermediate Arena teams worked in alliances with their team-built robots to complete several autonomous and driver-controlled tasks. Advanced and Intermediate Inventions teams designed custom robots to specifically solve a unique problem of the team’s choosing. After verifying the results, the top teams in each category have been announced.

2021-2022 State Robotics Contest Results

Advanced Arena

1st Place Alliance- Bryson ISD • Ctrl-C

1st Place Alliance- Bryson ISD • Ctrl-V

2nd Place Alliance- Hamshire-Fannett ISD • Robotians

2nd Place Alliance- Keene ISD • Fresh

Intermediate Arena

1st Place Alliance- Bryson ISD • Lightning

1st Place Alliance- Bryson ISD • Thunder

2nd Place Alliance- Little Cypress Mauriceville ISD • Robobears

2nd Place Alliance- Little Cypress Mauriceville ISD • RoverZilla

Advanced Inventions

1st Place- Emmanuel School of Fine Arts • T.A.A.S.K.

2nd Place- Keene ISD • CleanBot

3rd Place- Wall ISD • Agro-Dream

Intermediate Inventions

1st Place- Mason ISD • T.O.S. The Underwater Surveyor

2nd Place- Diocese of Dallas • Lions4

3rd Place- Beaumont ISD • Blue and White

“I am continuously impressed by the ingenuity, creativity, and teamwork of the participating robotics teams,” said TCEA Executive Director Lori Gracey. “Students have been building important critical thinking, design, and problem-solving skills under the guidance of their supporting sponsors, and we are so pleased each year to see their skills in action at the TCEA State Robotics Contest. Congratulations to the contest winners and all participating teams.”

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